American Center for Justice (ACJ) Condemns Regional Discrimination and Legal Infringements Carried out in Labous

The American Center for Justice (ACJ) obtained information supported by documents and testimonies about dangerous practices carried out by the Security Belt in Labous District, Yafa area of Lahj Governorate. The practices are represented by arresting, detaining and transferring citizens on trucks to areas outside the governorate.

One of the victims of these serious violations says that he was deported by the Security Belt Forces along with a group of citizens from Al-Bayda Governorate to the Al-Sir area of the Al-Zahir District in Al-Bayda Governorate under the pretext that they violated the residency requirements and the Security Belt forces informed them not to return until after obtaining a “guarantee.”

According to testimonies obtained by ACJ, some of the deported citizens received death threats if they returned without guarantees.

The Security Belt Forces have established what they call the “Guarantees and Temporary Residence Department”, through which they practice a number of arbitrary measures and violations against those coming from northern governorates to work and oblige them to provide guarantees of residency signed by a “guarantor” from the people of the region.

These measures include filling out a form that has been prepared and included several illegal items which no party has the right to impose, and they are represented by having a guarantor that guarantees the residence of the expatriate coming to the district for a period of six months only, indicating the purpose of the residence, in addition to going to the Security Belt Forces for renewing the residency at the end of the period.

The form stipulates that the expatriate is obligated not to live in homes and villages. Instead, he is to live in public places and markets specified for this purpose, and that he should be punished in case he is caught without a guarantee document.

According to the information obtained by the center, the Security Belt Forces are currently focusing on the IDPs coming from Al-Bayda Governorate who were displaced as a result of the recent battles between government forces and the Houthis since last year.

The American Center for Justice (ACJ) condemns this regional discrimination and considers it one of the most serious degrees of discrimination as it is a flagrant violation of all international treaties and covenants on human rights, a gross violation of the constitution and the law, a violation of the principles of citizenship, and a threat to social peace and civil security.

The (ACJ) calls upon the Leadership Council and the government to stand firmly and seriously against these practices, stop those who carried out them and hold them accountable, and cancel all the measures that were based on them, and prevent their occurrence under any justification.

The Center also calls upon all political and social bodies, authorities, and forces to deal seriously and responsibly with these violations, to confront them by all means, to ensure that they do not recur, and to confront all discourses justifying such violations.

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