American Center for Justice (ACJ) Condemns Death Sentence against Detainees in the Houthi Group’s Prisons and Calls on Yemeni Government and the Houthis Group to Release all Detainees under Stockholm Agreement

American Center for Justice (ACJ) condemns the judgment rendered by the Criminal Appeals Division belonging to the Houthi group in Hodeida on Monday 5, 2021 which upheld the judgment of the Court of First Instance to execute 16 persons including 9 detainees held in the Houthi Group’s presons and to confiscate their property in connection with the case of killing Saleh Al-Samad and his guards. This case was filed by the Prosecution against 62 accused persons. The charges brought against the detainees and all the convicted vary from collaboration with and supporting the aggression and the criminal conspiracy as being detailed in the indictment.

The center considers what the Criminal Division did in Hodeida as an invalid act that lacks the minimum components of justice and is contrary to all the constitutional and legal provisions as well as international covenants and treaties guaranteeing the right of the defence of anyone charged and allowing their lawyers to defend them, in addition to revealing the whereabouts of the detainees and disappeared persons and revealing whether these detainees were subjected to violations and torture as been proved by the records of the Prosecution.

American Center for Justice (ACJ) denounces the physical and psychological torture that the detainees in connection with this case have been exposed to since 2018. It also denounces the deprivation of visits or even deprivation of the right of their families to know the whereabouts of their relatives. ACJ calls on the international community, the United Nations, NGOs, and all human rights activists to pressure the Houthi group to stop exploiting and using the judicial authority under their control for the settling of political scores, to release the detainees and to cease these unjust judgments.

American Center for Justice (ACJ) also calls on the Government of Yemen, the Houthi group, and the Southern Transitional Council to immediately release the detainees and to implement the Stockholm Agreement “all-for-all”. The center followed up the statements made by the government side and the Houthis on the willingness of the two sides to swap all detainees, and ACJ considers them merely statements which add nothing to the case. On the contrary, these statements constitute an additional violation and a form of psychological torture to the detainees and their families who yearn for concrete steps to release their relatives.

American Center for Justice (ACJ)

9 April 2021

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