American Center for Justice (ACJ) Calls for the Release of all Prisoners, Detainees and the Disappeared on the Occasion of the Holy Month of Ramadan

American Center for Justice (ACJ) demands all parties to the conflict in Yemen to seize the opportunity of the occasion of the blessed month of Ramadan -may God restore it to everyone with prosperity and blessings- to release all prisoners, detainees, kidnapped and disappeared without conditions, restrictions or complications, to return them to their families and relatives, and to alleviate the tragedy of Yemeni society with such a step that could be a glimmer of hope for peace.

The Center calls on the Yemeni government and the international community to quickly, seriously and responsibly deal with the initiative launched by the Houthis to exchange prisoners. ACJ also calls to expedite the procedures of prisoner exchange and their release, to facilitate the holding of negotiations on this process, and to spare these negotiations any side effects that may impede their success.

American Center for Justice also calls on the Houthis to be serious in their call, to show their goodwill, and to provide full guarantees for the success of this prisoner exchange process. Furthermore, ACJ calls for the release of all arrested, detainees and the disappeared without condition, as well as facilitating their smooth return to their families without restricting this process to the number of prisoners and detainees or their social and political status, and the basic principle in this process should be all for all.

ACJ takes this opportunity to demand the involvement of the local and international civil society in all procedures and levels of the process, from preparing for negotiations to releasing all prisoners and detainees, in order to exercise oversight, identify breaches, and detect any violations abuses or obstacles placed by any party, in addition to supporting and facilitating negotiations, providing advice, and ensuring effectiveness and quality as the local and international civil society has the expertise and capabilities which will help overcome any obstacles that may arise in all stages of this process.

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