American Center for Justice (ACJ) Calls for Pressure on the Iranian Government to End Violations and Demands Accountability of those Responsible

Iranian security forces are using extremely brutal repressive methods to face large-scale protests taking place in a number of Iranian provinces as an expression of popular anger, after the killing of a twenty-year-old woman named Mahsa Amini at the hands of what is known as the Iranian “morality police”.

The morality police is a repressive apparatus that oppresses women for exercising their personal freedoms. Mahsa Amini was killed days after she had been arrested by this agency for not wearing a headscarf.

The American Center for Justice (ACJ) has been following up on the violations committed by the Iranian security services and police, which have so far killed at least 50 people, injured hundreds using excessive force, and arrested hundreds of protesters and activists with the aim of breaking up the demonstrations.

So far, the international community has limited itself to issuing statements of condemnation, which encouraged the Iranian authorities to practice deadly violence against the demonstrators. Therefore, the time has come to mobilize the international protection mechanisms by the United Nations and to exert pressure to halt the violations and to impose sanctions on the Iranian security services and those in charge of them.

(ACJ) calls on the government of the United States of America and all governments of the world and international organizations and bodies to put pressure on the Iranian government to stop the mechanisms of repression, to conduct a serious investigation with those who practiced it, to punish them and to promptly release the detainees, in addition to limiting damages, compensating victims, and repealing all repressive laws that restrict civil liberties in order to ensure that what happened to Mahsa is not repeated.

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