ACJ’s statement regarding the massacre committed by Arab Coalition air strikes in Al-Jawf province northern Yemen

ACJ – Al-Jawf



The American Center for Justice ( ACJ ) feel so sorrow for 26 civilians killed and other 12 injured most of them children and women by Saudi and UAE aircrafts in Mosaeeda area Al-Jawf governorate.

The Arab Coalition as a warring part in Yemen since March 2015, committed many aircrafts attacks against civilians without any an independent legal investigation assures victims’ rights reaching truth and condemning the perpetrators.

ACJ affirmed for an independent and transparent investigation in all last military aircrafts attacks in Yemen to identify the perpetrators to hold their Criminal responsibility and legal remedy so as to ensure not repeating such crimes in the future, as being away from punishment encourages crimes repetition.

ACJ noted that this horrific war crime targeting children and women, is one of many crimes killing civilians, without any interaction from the International Community specifically United Nation which seems to be unable to protect innocent civilians in war regions around the World.

Issued by ACJ in 16/07/2020.

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