ACJ expresses its concerns about preventing 50 amputees from travelling for medical treatment by the Southern Transitional Council

American Center for Justice (ACJ) has been following with great concern the problem of holding 50 wounded amputees from Taiz province ,who were supposed to travel to the Sultanate of Oman to receive treatment, and confiscating their passports by the Forces of Southern Transitional Council (STC) on Saturday, 14 November 2020.

The STC held the amputees in al- Alam point linking Aden and Abyan, prevented them from travelling and used military vehicles to force them to return to Tawr al-Baha district located on the border of Lahj governorate.

STC forces continue to hold and prevent the 50 wounded men from travelling. Despite the fact of issuing official documents and using tribal leaders to mediate and convince the elements of the Security Belt Forces to release the wounded and allow them to travel using the only road across the governorates of Lahj, Aden and Abyan leading to al-Mahra which borders Oman. The 50 amputees are still lying on the sides of the streets in Tawr al-Baha where they are waiting for STC’s approval so that they can travel to Oman where Omani authorities designated a prosthetic limbs and physicals therapy center for treating the war victims in Yemen.

On an earlier date, armed men in Aden abducted and forcibly disappeared an elderly man from Taiz named Abdul Qadir Al-Shaibani when he was on his way to leave the country for treatment. Mr. Al- Shaibani hasn’t been released nor has his whereabouts been revealed until now which poses a threat to his life because of his deteriorating health and his old age.

ACJ condemns these violations and abuses as they affect human rights guaranteed under the national legislations and protected by international conventions and treaties that guarantee the right to travel freely, the right to receive medical treatment, the right to be treated equally and the right of not to be discriminated against. ACJ emphasized the danger of these acts of depriving people of travelling and receiving treatment as they are considered to be massive human rights violations.

ACJ calls on the forces of the STC to respect human rights without prejudice to the right to travel freely and to protect the right of the wounded, patients and amputees to receive treatment since they are regarded as protected groups and to stop any form of regional discrimination and take their moral and legal responsibility.

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