ACJ condemns the abduction of Awab Jamel by an armed group in Lahj province southern Yemen

ACJ – Taiz



The abductee Awab Nabil Jamel, 17.

In a Press release for Mr. Nabil Jamel, Director of Planning and International Cooperation in Taiz governorate, saying that his son Awab, 17 years, was exposed to kidnapping in Tor Al-Baha region  – lahj province southern Yemen.

Jamel explained that, his son was on his way to Taiz city coming from Aden city after his coming back from Cairo – Egypt yesterday Thursday, when was abducted by an armed group belongs to Fahman al-Subaihy at half past four PM.

Jamel added, that His son was accompanied by two friends of his at the time of abduction, but the 2 friends were allowed to go on their way to Taiz city.

The head of The American Center of Justice, Mr. AbdulRahman Barman, condemns the kidnapping confirming the Yemenis suffer from their right of movement between cities and provinces due to the current war in the country.

Barman added, Yemenis today are exposed to abduction and enforced hiding by armed groups specially those who come back of other countries to Yemen, describing it as an outrageous  violations for The right to movement guaranteed by local and international laws and treaties.

Barman calls for an urgent release for the abductee Awab Jamel and all other abductees and enforced hiding by armed groups.

He calls upon all parties and armed groups involved in the war to stop harassing civilians during their movement and not depriving them of their Right of Movement between different cities and governorates.

It is noted that, the leading Salafi, Fahman al-Subaihy leads an armed group in Tor alBaha district in Lahj province southern Taiz city.

Issued by ACJ in 16/07/2020.

ACJ refers to The American Center for Justice

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