ACJ condemns Houthis’ artillery bombardment of Al-Qarra Village

The American Center for Justice (ACJ) vigorously condemned Houthis’ artillery bombardment of Al-Qarra village of Al-Duraihimi District in Al-Hudeidah on November 29, 2020 which resulted in the death of eleven civilians most of whom are women and children and the injury of other civilians.

This gross violation is one of many common violations and premeditated crimes committed daily by the Houthi group against civilians and it is not the first artillery attack launched on a residential area. Targeting Al-Qarra village is an intentional and unjustified crime as this village is a safe populated area located at a distance from zones of conflict which made it a safe haven for a lot of internally displaced people who fled their places of origins.

The American Center for Justice (ACJ) condemned this incident which resulted in civilian victims including women and children. This makes it a war crime and deliberate, unjustifiable and unshirkable violation of the rules of war which is punished by national legislations and laws as well as the international conventions and treaties.

ACJ called on Houthis to respect human rights and the rights of protected groups and to refrain from targeting civilians and residential areas as this is considered a war crime.

ACJ also called on the international community, UN agencies and human rights organizations to assume their responsibility and to take the necessary steps to protect civilians the different groups protected by the international treaties and conventions and to convict perpetrators of war crimes.

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