A court under Houthi group control sentenced the execution of 35 Yemeni parliamentarians for standing with the legitimate government


Sana’a – Yemen 


The specialized criminal court under Houthi group control in the capital Sana’a today, Tuesday, sentences the capital punishment of 35 Yemeni parliamentarians accused of standing with the internationally recognized legitimate government.

AbdulBasit Ghazi, head of the Defense for the Detained and Hidden in Yemen  said, “An hour after the court announced the delay, we were surprised by the presence of the chief prosecutor, the vice prosecutor, the media staff, and the judge, and the pronouncement session was held”.

“Ghazi” added that the judge issued “his sentence, which decided to refuse to pay the defense agency that the court would not have jurisdiction to hear the case.”

The ruling ruled that “the capital punishment of the 35 accused, beginning with Ibrahim Shuaib Al-Fashiq and ending with the Hibat Allah Ali Shuraim, to be executed, in order to discipline and confiscate the real estate funds transferred and moved within and outside Yemen for the interest of the state.”

The Houthi group used the courts under its control to pass judgments against its opponents, allowing the group to confiscate their money and property on charges of standing with the internationally recognized legitimate government and the Arab coalition countries.

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