A construction worker’s mother has been waiting to see her son who has been missing for four years after being summoned by Sheikh Othman Police Station

The mother of the construction, Muhammad Hammoud Mabkhout Muharram, has been waiting on her sickbed to see her missing son for four years. In recent weeks, she became very eager to see him, and those around her fear that this eagerness will increase her health-related suffering and the danger to her life.

The American Center for Justice received a report and an appeal from relatives and friends of Muhammad Hammoud Mabkhout Muharram to obtain information about him and to know his fate and whereabouts. Muhammad is 42 years old, and he is from the village of Bait al-Sibai in the Radmah district of Ibb governorate. He is married with 3 children.

Muhammad was working in one of the new buildings in the governorate of Aden at the beginning of 2018 when a dispute arose between him and the building guard before the dispute grew to become between him and the owner of the building, who threatened him and promised him that he would not see the sun or his mother’s face and this is what actually happened.

On the same night of the dispute, Muhammad returned to the small hotel where he stayed with a number of his colleagues and the people of his village. He was surprised by the arrival of four men dressed as security men, and they informed him of the need to come to the Sheikh Othman police station. Although his roommates tried to persuade him to postpone going to the department until the next day, his curiosity prompted him to go to the station in order to find out why he was called.

Before leaving the hotel, Muhammad told his colleagues and the people of his village that he would return to them quickly, assuring them that he had not done anything worth worrying, and that he would know what they want from him in the department. Then he would return.” However, four years passed while Muhammad did not return, and no one knew anything about him

The American Center for Justice (ACJ) had announced earlier that there were 57 forcibly disappeared in Aden governorate, some of whom have been missing for more than six years, in addition to hundreds of those disappeared by the Houthi group.

The American Center for Justice (ACJ) and the SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties revealed the existence of forcibly disappeared persons in the prisons of the Transitional Council forces and called on the President of the Presidential Leadership Council Rashad Al-Alimi and the Presidency Council to direct the urgent release of all detainees by the Transitional Forces and work to reveal the forcibly disappeared, and to close all private prisons.

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