A Campaign of Arrests, Bombings, Looting and a Comprehensive Siege Imposed by the Houthi Group on the Al-Hait Area in Amran Governorate

Some residents of Amran Governorate, north of the capital, Sana’a, said that Houthi armed men stormed the Al-Had area in the Ayal Surih district and imposed a comprehensive siege on it two weeks ago.

According to the complaint filed by the residents of the village of Al-Had, which was verified by monitors of the American Center for Justice (ACJ), about twenty vehicles carrying dozens of gunmen raided the village and blew up the house of the citizen “Mohammed Thiab Al-Haiti” after looting its contents. They attacked the residents of the village, causing panic to the women and children.

The campaign was also accompanied by women carrying weapons, who abused the women of the village.

The center monitored the arrest of 54 people from the village, including five children, by Houthi militants, without any legal justification.

The residents added that the armed campaign is still imposing a siege on their village until this moment under the pretext of the presence of wanted men from the village due to a dispute over pieces of land in the area.

The Executive Director of American Center for Justice (ACJ), Lawyer Abdulrahman Barman, condemned these attacks, describing them as serious violations of human rights which threaten the security and tranquility of society, and the seizure of freedom without legal justification, as well as looting, confiscation and destruction of private property in clear violation of the constitution and international and national laws.

Barman called on the Houthi group to stop these violations, immediately release the abductees, return what was looted, compensate the victims for the damage they suffered, and hold accountable those who carried out these acts.

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