6 Guantanamo Yemeni detainees arrived in the city of Mukalla

After 20 years of detention in the US prison at Guantanamo Bay and UAE prisons, 6 Yemeni detainees have arrived in the city of Mukalla as a first batch. The rest of the 18 detainees are scheduled to arrive from the UAE in the coming days after the UAE government decided to release them and hand them over to the Yemeni government
The 6 names that arrived
Khaled Al Qudsi
Suleiman Al Nahdi
Abdo Muhammad Al-Muhajiri
Saeed Ahmed Sarem
Muhammad Nasir Khasrouf
Mohamed Ahmed Said

American Center for Justice (ACJ) welcomed yesterday in a brief statement the decision of the United Arab Emirates to release 18 former Yemeni detainees from Guantanamo and hand them over to the Yemeni government today, Saturday, July 24, 2021. The UAE transferred them in 2015 from the notorious American prison, based on an agreement it concluded with the US government to rehabilitate and integrate them into society as part of US President Barack Obama’s plan to close the prison, but they were subjected to arrest, enforced disappearance, torture and cruel treatment in UAE prisons.
The (ACJ) called on the Yemeni government to receive detainees, protect them, provide safe shelters, job opportunities, provide health care and all the requirements of a decent life, hand them over to their families, and continue full care for them to help them integrate into society and lead their normal lives.

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